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Best Clogs for Nurses: Reviews and Buying Guide

Safety, stability, comfortability are three factors that a nurse wants from her footwear.

A nurse expects that her pair of shoes will save her feet from dirt, dust, mud or bump, make her stable on both even and uneven surfaces and finally keep herself in comfort all over the day.

Interestingly, all the footwear manufacturers also manufacture their products focusing on these factors, and in general, nurses randomly choose one from them.

But, among the nurses, there is a group who wants more comfort from their footwear and choose clogs over sneakers, boots, heels and other types of footwear.

Apart from the coziness, there are also other aspects that allure them to choose clogs, such as…

  • Clogs are light in weight.
  • Clogs are easy to keep clean and hygienic.
  • Clogs are easy to put on and off.
  • Clogs have more room for breathing.

In order to make the choice easier and help those comfort loving nurses to find the best clogs for themselves, we have written this content.

Here we have reviewed 12 best choices of clogs for nurses, written a comprehensive buying guide and answered 10 frequently asked questions. We hope, by the end of this writing, you will be one of the most eligible buyers of the best nursing clogs.

12 Best Clogs for Nurses

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacDansko Women’s Xp 2.0 Clog
(Overall Best)
Protective heel counter
Removable leather-covered
Memory foam for cushioning
Check Price
backpacAlegria Women’s Keli Professional
(Good Looking & Stylish)
Lightweight and slim
Studded logo ornament
Elastic insteps
Check Price
cordlessblowerHawkwell Women’s Nursing ClogsLightweight EVA sole
Easy to clean
Soft and non-slip
Check Price
cordlessblowerCrocs Unisex-Adult Clog
(Editor’s Choice)
100% Croslite
Synthetic sole
lightweight, water-friendly
Check Price
cordlessblowerSkechers Women’s Cali Gear ClogEthylene Vinyl Acetate sole
Convertible heel sling strap
responsive ULTRA GO cushioning
Check Price
cordlessblowerCrocs Men’s and Women’s Classic TieSynthetic sole
bright tie dye Crocs
blissfully supportive, soft and cradling
Check Price
cordlessblowerCrocs Unisex-Adult Crocband Clog100% Synthetic
variety of energy-boosting colors
clearing leaves and debris.
Check Price

Clogs are well-known to people for providing excellent comfort. Nevertheless, we have enlisted 12 pairs of clogs here that will provide some extra features other than the comfort such as stylish design, solid durability, easy maintenance and more.

1) Dansko Women’s Xp 2.0 Clog

dansko xp 2.0 clogs
Dansko women’s xp 2.0

Dansko shoes are for the persons who strive to get the most from their life. From the year of establishment, their mission is to improve the quality of people lives producing great products, with sincere passion and a commitment for the better tomorrow. And one can easily realize their dedication using their products.

The very first pick of the list is from the dedicated manufacturer Dansko. This pair of clogs is an excellent combination of durability and comfort, which are actually the basic requirement of nursing shoes. Besides the durability and comfortability features, the clogs also feature Nubuck 3M Scotchgard protector that protects the clogs from stains. Therefore, your good days with these clogs is just a matter of time.

Key Benefits

Durable Shoes

These Dansko clogs are made of durable leather materials, and leather is one of the best materials that are used for manufacturing shoes. So, these clogs will guarantee their buyers for a long time of service. Moreover, the leather cover is firmly attached with the sole so there is no chance of detachment of the parts.

Comfortable to Wear

This pair of clogs is out and out comfortable to wear. It has PU footbed and Dansko natural arch technology. The PU footbed has a dual density that means an extra layer for your foot relaxation. Along with this, this footbed also designed in a way so that it can ensure arch support for the foot. So as long as your feet will into the clogs, they will be in relax mode.

Removable Footbed

The footbeds that will provide you comfort around the day, you can remove them for changing and cleaning purpose, footbeds are removable. Normally, these footbeds go dirty and smell after a few days of use, having this facility you can enjoy fresh vibe around the month.

Synthetic Outsole

The outsole of the clogs is made of synthetic and designed with small leaf-dot. In combination, both will help the user to walk with proper stability month after month.  Between them, synthetic will keep the shoes strong, and dots will ensure a smooth stable contact of you with the ground.


  • Cozy foam for cushioning and support.
  • Approximately 0.75 inches of platform.
  • Protective heel counter for heel protection.


  • Not for lightweight lovers.
  • Insteps are small in size.

2) Alegria Keli Women’s Professional Shoe

Alegria Women's Keli professional shoes
Alegria Women’s Keli

Alegria started with a simple mindset ‘to create comfortable shoes that invoke happiness’. Later they brought their idea in real by designing shoes using supple leathers, vivid prints, and finally pairing each distinct creation with their patented footbeds. Their footbed design offers, comfy arch and heel support to relieve the stress of legs, hips, and back during long hours on the feet. Actually, these are the reasons why nurses love Algeria’s shoes.

Whether it is a dress or pair of shoes we all expect that the less weight is better. Here the third member of our list has a slim and lightweight body design. Anyone who is fond of lightweight shoes or has an issue wearing heavy shoes can go for this pair of Alegria clogs. The clogs are lightweight still make you stable on the ground with the help of their synthetic soles.

Key Benefits

Lather Made Shoes

These Alegria nursing shoes are made authentic leather. We all know that leather is a durable material also leather made shoes last long in terms of their look and structure. Entire shoes are made and designed in the USA, who are also trusted for quality. So, if you are looking for US-made nursing shoes, you can enlist these in your cart.

Happy Wearing

This pair of shoes has an extra room for comfortable walking. The tongues of the shoes, as well as the back end of the shoes, are padded with comfy materials, as a consequence, during your walking and running, when your bridge and toe contact with the shoes, you will feel comfortable. Having both front and back end padding, you will also be free from the chance of blister.

Casual Outlook

If you own the shoes you can ensure you relaxed staying at the hospital, at the same time uphold your stylish look. The leather made upper panel is designed with snake print and on the outer side of each shoe sole has a printed butterfly, a combination of both gives the shoes a stylish appearance.

Elastic Instep

Unlike most other clogs these shoes have elastic insteps, they are basically rubber instep. Having these, you can wear your shoes within a few seconds, also take off within the same time. These elastic bands also ensure perfect fitting of the shoes with the feet.


  • Shoes feature approximately 0.25-inch of platform.
  • Slip-resistant outer sole for balancing.
  • Have heel height of 1.50-inch.


  • Not for the people with Morton’s toe.
  • Size sensitive shoes, even half size matters.

3) Alrisco Leatherette Pleated Elevated Heel Working Shoe

Alrisco Leatherette Pleated Elevated Working Shoe
Alrisco Leatherette Pleated Elevated Heel

Alrisco is a retailer who basically finds fashionable products from manufacturers and importers and then passes to the customer at most competitive prices. The retailer is well known to the people for bringing the best quality products and delivering them with the best price.

If you are an environmentally conscious person you can choose this pair of shoes as your working or outing shoes. Shoes are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way with 100% vegan material. Choosing these manmade shoes, you can ensure comfort for your feet and enhance your outlook.

Key Benefits

Secure and Comfortable Fitting

With the help of the perfect amount of padding and lacing, these shoes will fit with your feet securely yet comfortably. There is an extendable rubber string lacing system in these shoes, the laces are knotted with a button. As the rubber is extendable, when the user puts on the shoes, the opening of the shoes adjusts with the foot according to the size, then the padded tongue ensures comfy room for the foot.

One for Many

The shoes have a modern casual outlook. Even if you purchase this pair for your working use, you can easily wear for your other casual outing with friends and families. So, buying this single pair of shoes you are also saving your budget of casual/working shoes.

Rubber Outsole

Whether you wear these for your working use or any formal use you have to walk on different kind of floors. The manufacturer made these shoe outsoles with rubber that will make you stable on any kind of floor.

Long Time Wearing

Upper cover of the shoes is the result of Leatherette materials and the lower part is made of the synthetic outsole, and both are attached to each other in a solid way. So, having the shoes you can enjoy a good time of wearing both inside of your hospital corridor or any other places.


  • Skid prevention outsole.
  • Comfortable ankle surroundings.
  • Solid attachment among parts.


  • Shoes look more casual.
  • Cleaning will take time.

4) Sticky Shoes – Women’s Cute Nursing Shoes

Sticky Cute Nursing Shoes
Sticky Shoes

The daughter and mother duo Barbara Reder and Lindsay Steele started the brand Sticky Shoes. Both mother and daughter believed that when a woman wears a good pair of shoes she can express herself confidently to others. As Sticky Shoes is centered on producing only women shoes, a woman can expect quality products from them.

Some of you may be confused about seeing this pair of nursing shoes, whether they are your nursing shoes or casual shoes! The shoes look really good and refreshing. These shoes look elegant as well as comfortable to wear. With all the functional features, the shoes also have cute exclusive pins, that symbolize the healthcare professionals and will add extra professional vibe to your duty.

Key Benefits

Non-Slip Outsole

Hospital corridors, wards, even cabins are prone to be wet or dampened, sometimes by the accidental drop of water or medicine, sometimes by regular cleaning. Wearing this pair of shoes, you can walk with proper balance on any type of grounds. The shoes have synthetic non-slip outsole.

Waterproof Shoes

This is one of the cool features of these shoes. You will be balanced on wet ground at the same time your shoes won’t be affected by the wetness of the floor. This feature also works best during the rainy season. Overall irrespective of weather and floor condition, you can be always dry and clean wearing the shoes.

Durable Shoes

Shoes are the result of the rubber sole and synthetic materials, both are well known for their strong life span, also the shoes have no joints, parts are directly attached. So, you can expect a long time of uninterrupted service.

Easy Cleaning

As you are a nurse you have to be neat and clean all the time. Your shoes also help you to make them clean. The insoles of the shoes are removable, so you can easily clean them when needed.  Also, as the shoes are waterproof, you can clean and dry them within just a few minutes. Overall taking care of these shoes won’t take much of your valuable time.


  • Absorbent materials will keep your feet dry all day long.
  • Lightweight pair of shoes.
  • Shock absorber and anti-torsion system sole.


  • Shoes have not much room for cushions.
  • No arch support.

5) Hawkwell Women’s Lightweight Comfort Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes

Hawkwell Lightweight Nursing Shoes
Hawkwell Womens Lightweight Comfort Shoes

According to the makers “A great pair of shoes can take your entire look from flat to fantastic”, They also urge people to wear shoes that define their personalities and for the people Hawkwell manufacturer different shoes with different styles, so that they eventually resemble people personalities. Though this pair is a nursing pair of shoes, Hawkwell produces shoes for both men and women as well as for kids.

A nurse has to spend at least 9 to 10 hours a day outside of her house, and in this meantime, she has to walk, run around the hospital wards to serve the patients, basically she must need a comfortable wearing. For those hardworking nurses, Hawkell comes up with this standard comfortable pair of shoes. All the way of the shoes is lined with soft foam padding, that will ensure comfort for the entire day.

Key Benefits

Easy to Maintain

White shoes are sensitive, they become dirty faster than any other color shoes. But if you like white shoes, this time you can choose them. Because this pair of Hawkwell shoes are made of soft synthetic leather, which is very easy to clean. You can even use soap and water to clean them.

Excellent Grip

The bottom of the shoes is made of EVA materials also designed with hexagon doted structure. This combination will keep you stable on the different type of grounds, including, wet and slippery grounds. If you choose these shoes as your nursing shoes, you can walk and run with full of confidence around the clock.

Smart Design

The shoes look stylish with their plain white color and padded comfortable surroundings. There is no design or brand logo on the shoe surface, still, they look fantastic because of their simplicity. Nevertheless, if you wish you can also wear them other than your working hour needs.

Secure Fitting

Shoes become more comfortable when they securely fit with our feet. Also, a secured fitting pair of shoes make us confident to run and walk on any ground. Here the inside of the shoes is foam padded and has rubber insteps on the tongues, both ensure you a secure fitting as well as easy put on and off.


  • Lightweight shoes.
  • Clean lines on a chic.
  • Come with 5-inch heel, 0.75-inch platform Measurement.


  • Not a good choice for who have a history of foot pain.
  • You have to be very certain about the size to get the best fit.

6) Steve Madden Women’s Zarayy nursing shoes

Steve Madden Womens Shoes
Steve Madden Womens Shoes

From a factory in Queens, New York, Steve Madden has revolutionized the shoe industry with their years of experience and creative designs. Since 1990, the year of inception, Steve Madden always try to manufacturer shoes with trending designs. Nowadays, they are successfully doing their business around 80 countries of this planet.

Our picked shoes of Steve Madden are very standard looking man-made flat sole shoes.  The shoes come with a bundle of comfortable features like soft airflow-able upper fabric, instep rubber for secure fitting, lightly padded footbed, etc. Overall these can be your shoes for all seasons.

Key Benefits

Shoes with Good Ventilation

These Steven Madden shoes are different from all of our previous reviewed shoes. Here the upper level of the shoes is made of mesh fabric material, this kind of fabric is well known for good ventilation or air flow. So, if you wear the shoes your feet will get the maximum amount of airflow inside of the shoes, and your feet will be calm and comfort.

Flat Sole

The manufacturer maintains a flat sole measurement from tip to toe of the shoes, and this measurement is 1.25-inch. Moreover, the flat sole has some health benefits, like relaxed calf muscles, equal body weight distribution. Who of you like flat bottom panel shoes can have a look at these shoes?

Rubber outsole

Rubber is always a quality material for manufacturing shoes. The shoes feature rubber made bottom sole, and the sole has wave design. In general, rubber made a gripping contact with the ground as the sole also has a special design for gripping, a solid and balanced walking or running on the floor is granted.

Longer usability

The upper panel of the shoes are made of manmade lining, the lower panel has a rubber outsole, and both are attached by solid adhesive. As a result, one can go a long way wearing this pair of shoes.


  • Contrasting midsole.
  • Secured yet comfortable wearing.
  • Slip resistant Durable rubber outsole.


  • Looks more casual.
  • Not a good pick for lightweight clog lovers.

7) Skechers Women’s Keepsakes Ice Angel Slipper

BOBS Skechers
BOBS Sketchers Slipper

Right now, Skechers is the third largest athletic footwear brand in the United States. In 1992 they were founded, since then they are working with the mission of ‘outfitting the world with innovation, comfort, and style’.  From the foundation to this present day, they are upholding their mission, as a result over 170 countries people continuously showing their love for Skechers.

These skechers Ice Angel Slippers just redefine the term comfortability. Most of the shoes and slippers are cozy to wear but this pair also looks cozy and satisfying! The knit sweater cover and foamy ankle surrounding, are the main reasons behind this satisfaction. This can be in your bucket list if you work most of your time at an inside ambiance. Also, they can be your regular bedroom shoes.

Key Benefits

Gripping Outsole

Wearing these shoes, you can enjoy every moment regardless of the ground condition. The maker made the upper and inside comfortable, at the same time the bottom gripping. There is a scatter doted design at the bottom of the shoes, this design helps the shoes to make a balanced contact with the floor, even on the wet state.

Flat Slippers

Just like the previous shoes these slippers also have a flat bottom panel with approximately 0.5-inch height. As the flat surface has some exclusive health benefits, this is certain that anyone wearing this slipper can ensure both relaxation and health benefits for herself.

Durable Pair of Slippers

These clogs like slippers are the result of 100% cable knit sweater and rubber outsole, both have a good grade in the durability test. But, as the upper is made of Knit Sweater which is also a type of liquid absorber the users have to keep the slippers away from any kind of liquids. Other than this, anyone can use them for a long period of time.

Easy fitting

Secure fitting is a key factor to enjoy the coziness of a pair of shoes. Here, as the slippers are made of a knit sweater, which is adjustable, anyone will find their feet adjusted with this pair of skechers’s slippers.


  • 3/4-inch heel measurement.
  • Soft sweater knit fabric upper cover.
  • Easy wearing and taking off.


  • Not a lightweight pair of shoes.
  • The shape is big in nature, so you have to care about the size.

8) Crocs Men’s and Women’s Nursing shoes

Crocs Mens and Womens Work Shoe
Crocs Men’s and Women’s Shoes

Crocs manufacture the most delightfully comfortable shoes for both men and women around the world. The shoemaker started its journey in 2002. They believe, comfortability is the key to happiness, thus they have been manufacturing comfortable shoes to make this world full of happiness. And, they are doing their job successfully.

Our second pick is from this happiness spreading brand. This pair of Crocs clogs are available in black and white color. With tip to toe a single-color design and minimalistic body shape, the shoes look simply good. Along with the standard look, the arch support, surrounding foam pads, and contoured molded drop-in footbeds will take care of the happy wearing of the user. These shoes can be a choice for restaurant servers, healthcare professionals, and service industry workers.

Key Benefits

Comfortable Fitting

If your shoes do not fit with your feet securely you will not find them comfortable while walking on the hospital ward, running between the patients’ beds, and running towards the emergency cabin. To ensure a happy fitting, crocs make these shoes with tapered fit in the back of the heel.

Fresh Wearing

Among all the parts of the shoes the insoles require special care, they tend to get dirty after a few days of use. But here the footbeds come with moisture-wicking liners, as a result, the insoles will be fresh for some extra days than other types of shoes’ insole.

Stability Everywhere

The maker maintains a perfect height from the heel to the platform of the clogs and covers outside of this entire region with a slip-resistant synthetic layer. So, anyone wears the clogs will be stable and balanced even on some tough grounds.

Solid Durability

The Crocs care much about the relaxation of the user, but never compromise the durability. Throughout the entire body of the shoes, there is no single attachment, that means the upper panel comes in inbuilt formation with the lower part. As the lower panel has to survive in different weather condition maker made it with synthetic sole.


  • 100 percent manmade clogs.
  • ASTM F2913-11 tested, CE certified.
  • Enclosed heel and to meet workplace standards.


  • No ventilation.
  • Cushioning is not so soft.

9) Dr Martens Women’s Cordelia

Dr Martens Mule
Dr Martens

Dr.  Martens is a hundred years old shoes manufacturer. One can see the reflection of vast experience in the design and durability of the shoes.  In the starting, they were known for making boots in the small town of Wollaston, Northamptonshire in the English Midlands, but now they produce boots, sandals, clothe, and other accessories for kids. Men and women.

It’s an out and out a stylish solution for the nurses. This pair of Mule is designed with doc’s aunt sally pebbled textured leather, this design adds a vibe of casualty to the shoes. And, the textured leather design was done on the structure of 4-inch high heel. Overall the mule is a good combination of style, comfortability, and durability. This mule can an ideal choice for both nurses and doctors.

Key Benefits

Durable Shoes

100 percent authentic leather has been used as manufacturing material of these Dr. Marten mules, so the buyer of these mules can be sure about materials quality. Additionally, the joint between the leather layer and the synthetic sole is attached with strong adhesive and cotton. Overall, anyone has the shoes will enjoy years long service.

Synthetic Sole

As the shoes come with high-heel, they must need some solid bottom sole to ensure balance walking of the users. And the manufacturer has done this job excellently, they made the lower panel with the synthetic sole which also has a gripping pattern, in combination, users will get solid stability during walking.

Secured Fitting

When you wear flat shoes, you get better control easily, but wearing high heel shoes and getting control over them is not that much easy, the shoes must fit securely with your feet. For ensuring better fitting, the mules are designed with two openings, one on the front and other on the back.  These openings also help to wear and to take off the mule.

More Balancing

As I said wearing heels and being balanced is not an easy task, but here these mules will make the task easy. Unlike other heel shoes, these mules have a wider heel, and wider heel means wider room for balancing. Basically, featuring wider heel is a key factor behind the consideration of the mules as an option for working shoes.


  • Can be used as an alternative of your regular heel shoes.
  • Come with 4-inch of heel and 1-inch of platform.
  • Iconic air-cushioned sole.


  • Do not have roomy space for the toe.
  • You may have to add an insole for cushion.

10) Calzuro Autoclavable Clog without Upper Ventilation

Calzuro Autoclavable Clogs
Calzuro Autoclavable Clog

Calzuro is a well-charted name to the health professionals, especially to the surgeons. The Italian based manufacturing brand designed their shoes keeping the surgeons’ needs and requirement in minds. Since 1983 the company has been providing comfort for many standing professions.

This time we are reviewing a pair of clogs without the back. Yes, these Calzuro Autoclavable Clogs have no backend, so you can wear and take off just like your regular slippers and sandals. Talking about the outlook, clogs have no aesthetic design but the rubber covering looks fresh and glittering, and the trademark on the outer side of each shoe also gives the clogs a premium look.

Key Benefits

Slip-Resistant Sole

The clogs have slip resistant outsole. This outer sole is designed with a wave pattern, and because of this pattern, the user can stable on the floor. When a user wearing the shoes, steps on any dampened ground, these patterns ensure solid gripping contact with the floor, and thus she can be balanced even on that rough ground.

Rubber Made Clogs

The entire body of the clog is made of rubber, and this rubber is one of those materials that can ensure both durability and coziness for the buyers. Because of this rubber covering, you can keep you clogs always clean with just simple washing.

Comfortable Wearing

Rubber surrounding of these clogs keeps your feet in a comfy state.  Additionally, for extra comfort the inner soles are designed with dots, these dots are good for reducing leg fatigue and helping blood cells to flow smoothly.

Machine Washable

Rubber is easily washable when you wash it manually, but the surprising fact is, you can wash these clogs in your washing machine too! So, wearing fresh shoes every time will be a few-seconds task for these clogs’ users. Whoever have these clogs can follow a washing schedule like manual washing for normal dust and dirt, and machine washing for stains.


  • 5″ heel for fatigue reducing.
  • Latex-free and antistatic pair of clogs.
  • Sterilize in the autoclave.


  • May not a good choice for wide feet.
  • Don’t have adequate room for ventilation.

11) Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Birkenstock unisex Slip Resistant Work Shoe
Birkenstock Professional Unisex Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Brand Birkenstock have started their journey in 1987 in Germany. They are one of those brands who started online selling at very first age of e-commerce, they took their first order in 1995.  Since then they have grown into one of the largest retailers in the business. The provider is liked by the buyers for their products, customer service, and dedicated repair team.

Here we come up with a unisex pair of clogs from Birkenstock. The clogs are predominately made for tackling the working loads. If you want to buy a bundle of shoes for your office workers as a part of their uniform, they can be your ideal selection. However, these polyurethane made certified shoes can also be a good choice for your working space.

Key Benefits

Synthetic sole protection

Just like our other clogs here in this Birkenstock professional clogs also featured with Synthetic bottom sole, but this time the gripping design is different. However, with this design, the clogs will be able to ensure your secure walking and running on different types of surfaces.

Polyurethane Made Clogs

100% Polyurethane has been used as these clogs’ production materials. Though this time polyurethane couldn’t bring a stylish and plain outlook for the clogs, they will protect the clogs from various difficulty and rough weather.

Easy to Maintain

Both the polyurethane and synthetic do not absorb any sort of liquid materials, therefore washing and drying the shoes will be a matter of just a few seconds. Moreover, you can use soap and other soft cleaning powder, as a dishwasher to clean these shoes.

Easy to Wear

The clogs have ample opening room for putting on and taking off. But for getting better service you have to choose the right size. Clogs’ opening also works as a way of ventilation for the feet.


  • Certified Anti-slip outsole.
  • Easy to keep the clogs fresh.
  • Great arch support.


  • Don’t have a stylish outlook.
  • Less comfortable to wear.

12) Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog

Dansko Professional Tooled Clog
Dansko Professional Tooled Clogs

We started this review with a pair of clogs also going to end up the review with a pair of clogs from the same manufacturer. You already know they are committed to producing the best quality clogs for their buyers, so we don’t hesitate to suggest the second pair of clogs from the same brand.

Just like our previous pick of Dansko, and like all of their quality clogs, these Dansko clogs also have all the comfort features including arch support, a contoured midsole, and roomy toe box. Moreover, if white is your color and you wear white scrub as your nursing uniform, you can choose these clogs, they are pure white with standard body shape.

Key Features

Leather Protection

The leather is a material that can stand out even in rough and tough environmental conditions and can ensure a longer life of shoes for the users. Dansko shoes always come with strong durability, just like that these shoes also have leather made upper cover. This cover hardly affected by dirt, dust, and stains.

Make You Stable

Dnasko has chosen another leader from its business for the bottom panel protection. The bottom layer of the clogs is made of synthetic sole with L shaped gripping pattern. This sole will make your steps steady and secured on the hospital ground as well as other dry and wet floor conditions.

Room for Stability

Heels and platform of the clogs measure sequentially 2-inch and 0.75-inch.  This height variation is done to ensure a comfortable and stable room for the feet. Having this measurement combination, you will also feel better control on your shoes to change direction.

Comfortable Every Step

Clog user always expect better room for relaxation in their shoes. In this Dansko shoe foam midsole, leather breathable footbed and padded tongue take the responsibility of making users ever steps comfortable and secure. Wearing Dansko shoes for a long time will be easy for you.


  • PU inner frame for reducing torque and provide stability.
  • Shock absorption facility for comfortable standing and walking.
  • Dual layer attachment.


  • Not a good choice for flat feet.
  • Size sensitive shoes.

How to Buy Best Clogs for Nurses

Only having a list of some best nursing clogs may not be enough for some buyers to buy the right one for themselves. If you feel confident that you can buy the best, you can skip this section, but if you think you should know more about the clogs, you can go through this buying guide.

Considering Factors

Here we have discussed the key factors of a pair of clogs, how those factors will benefit you when you own them in your clogs. However, among these factors you may not have to consider all of them during purchasing, as we everyone has different needs and fashion sense, you are free to prioritize factors based on your requirements.

a) Size

Buying the right size shoes is the first condition of enjoying the features in fullest. If your shoes don’t fit with your feet properly, you will not have control on them, also you can’t feel the comfort of padded tongue or footbeds. On the other hand, walking with smaller size clogs you may hurt yourself! So, when you choose a pair of clogs, make sure that you are choosing the right size. However, during your selection, you should also consider, how the clogs will fit with feet, with socks or without socks.

b) Comfortability

Though clogs are chosen mainly for the comfort, you have to pay some of your attention in this section too. Because there are also cheap clogs in the market that just look like a clog, they don’t have ample facilities for comfort.

Clogs those are comfortable, are surrounded by comfy foam, have padded tongue, have comfy insole, and finally have ample free room inside the clogs. Moreover, a few renowned manufacturers also add other beneficial features to their clogs just to ensure every step of their purchasers is full of coziness.

c) Upper Material

In most cases, the durability of the clogs is determined by the durability of the upper cover, since bottom soles always remain unaffected even after long days of use. Anyone who doesn’t want to allocate more bucks for buying another pair of clogs should consider this factor wisely.

Rubber, leather, Polyurethane are three of most used as well as durable materials for the clogs. Owning clogs made of first-grade materials, you just not only can wear them for a long time but also you can protect your clogs from stains.

d) Stylish Look

This can be a secondary considering factor for the health professionals, as in the workplace it is more important to work comfortably and safely rather than being with some stylish attire. However, still, if you really care about the modern and stylish look of your clogs, you will also have some choices.

Though wearing a stylish shoe during duty hours is totally an optional factor, having a trendy pair of clogs you can wear them for your personal outing with friends and families. If you are buying this type of clogs, make sure that the design or decorative item that was used on the shoes are durable too.

e) Bottom Sole

Bottom soles make contact with the ground, so they should be strong enough to keep the user balanced on any position and situation.  How much a pair of clogs will be strong to keep their user stable, depends on their soles’ materials and pattern. Among our enlisted products, we have observed two types of soles, one is rubber sole, and another is synthetic sole, both have the ability to ensure good stability for the users.

f) Easy Maintenance

Health professionals tend to be unhygienic very fast, but they should keep themselves hygienic all the time. For these reasons, cleaning facility can be your factor of consideration. In general, rubber made clogs are best in terms of keeping them clean and fresh all the time, sometimes these clogs are also machine washable! Moreover, these clogs dry faster than any other types of clogs.

FAQ related to Nurses’ Clogs

Below we have answered some of the frequently asked questions about the clogs. The section will let you know more about clogs and help you make a wise buying decision.

Question: How do I find my size?

Answer: After a certain age our feet stop growing, so remembering the own foot size is an easy task. However, to know your size, go to a shoe shop, first try a pair of shoes basing on your assumption, then if you find them congested move to upper, otherwise choose the lower sizes, but make sure that you are comfortable with the size.  Also, some shoes are sized in European standard, so you might need to convert it to US standard when needed.

Question: Which shoes are slip resistant?

Answer: Slip resistance is a must-have feature for a pair of clogs. The clogs whose soles are designed with patterns or dots are slip resistant. During walking and running these dots/patterns make stable contact and keep the user balanced.

Question: How do I take care of my clogs?

Answer: Hospital clogs are needed to be clean regularly. You have to clean clogs according to their structures and materials. You can clean rubber or rubber-like materials’ clogs using soap or washing powder. For cleaning leather or other types of clogs, you have to follow the steps given in the instruction manual. Nevertheless, nowadays there are some clogs that are machine washable!

Question: Do the clogs squeak?

Answer: It depends, if you put on your clogs with the dampened or wet feet, there is a possibility of they will squeak, or somehow water or other liquids get into your shoes they may squeak too. However, if you dry or completely rub your feet with a piece of cloth just before wearing your clogs, they won’t make any sorts of sound.

Question: How to deal with sweat?

Answer: Sweating inside the clogs make them uncomfortable to wear, also it can be the reason of squeak. If you are prone to sweat, you can wear socks with your clogs. Nevertheless, a good number of people also wear socks just because of getting extra comfort.

Question: Are these Dansko Tooled Clogs water resistant?

Answer: Yes, the shoes are water resistant, that means your clog won’t absorb any sort of liquids when you walk on them. Also, they will dry fast after washing.

Question: How to clean these Birkenstock shoes?

Answer: Ok, as these shoes have a special type of upper cover you shouldn’t use direct water to clean them. Rather, you can use a damp cloth to clean the upper layer and a Clorox to wipe the white edges.

Question: Can I use insole with these Alrisco clogs?

Answer: These clogs are made with a special inner sole design that does not require any insole to enjoy comfortable walking. However, if you want to add more cushion to your clogs you can add insoles with them. Moreover, you can also wear socks, they also work like external insoles.

Question: Are these Sticky Shoes’ slippers stretchy?

Answer: No, they aren’t that stretchy. If you can find your accurate size, you can wear them for long with the best fitting.

Ending Words

Analyzing some leading e-commerce sites, we got to know that a good number of buyers are not satisfied with what they bought for themselves. One of the most common reasons behind their dissatisfaction is they hardly knew about the product before making the purchase.

However, if you have gone through all of the sections of this content, hopefully, you will able to make the right decision.

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