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Top 10 Best Nurse Penlight Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

A nurse should be efficient at work! So, what makes his/her job efficient? Well, if you are a nurse, there are a lot of aspects, but one of those is a good penlight that you should have. A good penlight should have the ideal size, good material, long life, and much more.

In today’s session, I will talk about the best nurse penlight that you can get this year. My goal is to lay it out bare to make things easier for you. So, let’s find out!

best penlight for nurses

Professional nurse penlight

Benefits of a Penlight for Nurses

Are you a nurse and want to quickly examine a patient’s pupil? There comes a penlight that you can keep with you and check the diameter of the patient’s pupil and its response to light. Knowing the response of the pupil on coming across bright light will help you know about the patient’s condition!

Moreover, they can be used to examine the throat, wounds, and similar purposes.

Different Types of Penlights

How many types of penlight?

3 Type Penlight

There is a variety of penlights available for you. Each of them has some features to differentiate. But mainly, the purpose of every type is to examine. According to your convenience, let’s have a look at some of the main types:

  • Penlights with rechargeable batteries
  • Penlight with disposable batteries
  • Reusable & disposable penlights

There are various brands available for these kinds that include CAVN, RISEMART, FITA, and many others. So, you can buy your choice by having a look at each of them and more!

Are nurses the only medical professionals that use penlights?

Not necessarily! Penlights seem to be specific for medical purposes but think, what else can you do with a bright light! Penlights comprise a bright light to have a detailed view. So, if you are out in the dark, then a penlight is the handiest thing to carry and the most useful thing to enhance the sight.

So, undoubtedly it is used for medical purposes, but if you are camping out, then these pens will also serve there. Moreover, you can use them while repairing something as well! So more fun to it.

Comparison table of Top 11 best nurse penlight

ImageProductsMaterialAccessories Price
CAVN-LED-Light-PenlightCAVN Nurse Penlight
(Overall Best)
Aluminum4 Pcs AAA BatteriesCheck Price
RISEMART-Nurse-Led-PenlightRISEMART Nurse PenlightAluminum2 Warm Light Bulbs & 4 AAA BatteriesCheck Price
2-Pack-Reusable-LED-PenlightFITA Medical Pen LightsAluminum4 Pcs AAA BatteriesCheck Price
Opoway-Nurse-Penlight-with-Pupil-GaugeOpoway Nurse PenlightAluminum4 Pcs AAA BatteriesCheck Price
DL-9223-Disposable-Diagnostic-PenlightPrimacare DL-9223PlasticNACheck Price
Aokin-Medical-Pen-LightAokin Medical PenlightsAluminumCheck Price
MEUUT-Pen-Light-and-Medical-ShearsMEUUT Pen LightAluminum1 Medical Shear & 4 AAA BatteriesCheck Price
PENLIGHTPRO-Medical-Pen-for-Nurses-DoctorsPENLIGHTPRO Nurse PenlightsAluminum4 AAA Batteries
Check Price
Rainbow-Color-6-Disposable-PenlightsSurgicalonline Pen LightsPlasticNACheck Price
Premium-USB-Rechargeable-Pen-Lights-for-NursesPunada Premium PenlightsStainless Steel2 USB cordsCheck Price
Nursing-Penlight-with-Pupil-GaugeTribe RN Nursing PenlightAluminum2 White Bulbs, 2 Warm Bulbs & 4 AAA BatteriesCheck Price

Our 11 Picks of best nurse penlight

Now, I will review the products mentioned in the comparison table one-by-one. Each product should have some highlighted qualities that will set standards. I will mention those and rate them according to the product. Remember that A+ is for the best while C is for the least. Also, compatibility means the scope of the product, convenience means handling, and effectiveness means the ergonomics and efficiency of the product.

1. CAVN Penlight with Pupil Gauge

Compatibility: B+
Convenience: A+
Lifetime: A+
Effectiveness: High

CAVN LED Penlight for Nurses

CAVN LED Penlight

Let’s start with my first choice, CAVN Penlight with Pupil Gauge is a very effective tool exclusively made for medical purposes. There is a lot to look inside, and let’s find out!

Firstly, the robust construction is important to discuss. The pen is made out of premium quality aluminum that makes it a lightweight and sturdy device. Hence, you get a durable and long-lasting pen in the form of this product.

Secondly, talking about the efficiency of this penlight, with the built-in pupil gauge and a ruler on the side (5 cm), this penlight makes it easier to measure the pupil dilation and length at the same time. This makes it an ideal choice for medical penlight.

Thirdly, if you are concerned about carrying this device because being a nurse, it should always be with you, this penlight is easy to carry and handle. Owing to the lightweight, you can use it freely. Just use the push-button to operate it and carry it in your uniform pocket.

To top that off, you just need 2 AAA batteries to operate it. Thus, you get all that is necessary for the form of this great piece.

This product is simple yet covers all the necessary aspects to serve you. Being on top does not mean being fully equipped with the possible features; rather, it means a piece with sophisticated features at a controlled price. That makes the best choice.

There is a lot more ahead to fill the factor of variety. So, keep reading!

Highlighted Features
  • Very lightweight owing to the aluminum construction
  • Easy to handle and carry due to its design
  • Easily operatable due to the simplicity
  • Tried, tested, and encouraged by thousands of buyers

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2. RISEMART Nurse LED Medical Penlight

Compatibility: B+
Convenience: A+
Lifetime: A+
Effectiveness: High

RISEMART Medical Penlight with Pupil Gauge


My follow-up product is RISEMART Nurse LED Medical Penlight that is another product specifically designed for medical purpose. Let’s look at what this product has got for you.

Firstly, the high-quality LED inside has a great life to serve you for years. The LEDs are not only long-lasting but effectively bright as well. Thus, it provides great detail during the diagnosis.

To top that off, the ergonomic design and sturdy construction of this pen also include a rubber switch that requires a good force to push it. Thus, you have control over your pen. The LEDs included with it are various depending on the job. Like, white light is to check the throat, nose, and ears, whereas warm light is for the pupil.

Therefore, it is a compatible nurse penlight to cover your medical needs and purposes.

Adding more to it, the carrying and handling of this device are very easy. Owing to the clip on it, you can clamp it in your pocket, while the lightweight design helps in good handling of it.

The batteries that come with this pen serve great. I mean that once the batteries get inside and you start using them, they will last for more than 200 hours. With that being said, this becomes an ideal device to use when you need good medical compatibility, convenience, and effectiveness.

Highlighted Features
  • A great lifetime owing to the great quality
  • Good battery life as well
  • Great compatibility in the medical circle
  • Good control and convenience at the same time

3. FITA Medical Pen Lights for Nurses and Doctors

Compatibility: A
Convenience: A
Lifetime: A+
Effectiveness: High

FITA 2 Pack Reusable Medical Penlight

Reusable LED Penlight

On the third spot, I bring you FITA Medical Pen Lights that is a medical-grade device, but you can see that I have rated it higher in terms of compatibility. That means that it has more to offer you.

Like, you can use it for medical purposes, but if you are out camping and don’t have a torch, these bright light sources will effectively help you there as well. Thus, you have a multi-purpose penlight.

Moreover, the construction of this device becomes sturdy with the material involved in it. Yes, the high-quality aluminum used in the construction of this penlight makes it highly durable and long-lasting. Also, it is very safe to use in medical applications.

Next, when it comes to handling and operating this device, they have made sure the ergonomics, and you can efficiently use it during diagnosis. So, you add batteries, push the button, and it is ready to work.

To add more to it, there is a pupil gauge with it and a scale that will help in measuring the length as well. Thus, taking the diagnosis to another level.

Lastly, this penlight is made for higher durability and portability to make life easier.

So, if you need a penlight that not only is good for medical purposes but also serves well for other purposes like while repairing or camping, then I recommend you this.

Highlighted Features
  • Wide range of applications
  • Good design with Add-ons like pupil gauge
  • Sturdy construction and good material
  • Good handling and convenience made sure

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4. Opoway Nurse Penlight with Pupil Gauge

Compatibility: B+
Convenience: A
Lifetime: B+
Effectiveness: Medium

2 PCS Black Opoway Nurse Penlight

Opoway Penlight

Next on the list is Opoway Nurse Penlight that also has all the good features in it, like the great products.

First off, let’s talk about its construction! The penlight is made up of great-quality aluminum to impart durability and make it sturdy. Along with that, the good quality bulb provides good effectiveness in the diagnosis.

Secondly, if you are concerned about the operating mechanism of this device, then keep note that there is a push-button on it so that you don’t have to hold the pen for longer. In this way, you can efficiently perform your duty.

Thirdly, this penlight also has the pupil gauge and scale on it. This helps a lot in diagnosis if you don’t exactly remember the things and the procedure.

This smart and portable nurse penlight is convenient to use and easy to handle and carry.

To top that off, the aesthetics are quite remarkable when you look at the shape, color, and design. So, it adds to your class and efficiency, a great value.

Finally, it is a very good device for the money it asks for. To have an affordable penlight at a good price is a viable option.

Highlighted Features
  • Sturdy construction owing to the material
  • Aesthetic and ergonomic design
  • Good price and value for the money

5. Primacare DL-9223 Disposable Diagnostic Penlight with Pupil

Compatibility: B
Convenience: A
Lifetime: C+
Effectiveness: Medium

Primacare DL-9223 Disposable Pen torch

Primacare DL-9223 Pen Torch

On the next spot, Primacare DL-9223 is a disposable option. Thus, you should not expect long-lasting effects from this product. Rather if you need a disposable option, then this is a set of 6 penlights for you.

Sometimes, depending on the situation and purpose, you can not use a reusable penlight. The best option in that scenario is a disposable nurse penlight. So, this product is the best choice in that scenario. Here’s why!

This penlight is highly portable and carrying, and handling is very easy and effective. Moreover, the pupil gauge and scale are also printed on it to enhance workability.

As it is a disposable penlight, it is made up of plastic. Hence, it is lightweight and effectively helps in performing the diagnosis.

There is a pre-focused pinpoint lens; so, all you need to do is to turn it on, perform the diagnosis and dispose of it.

There is a twist here! This product, despite being disposable, serves for longer, and you might get confused that what sorcery is this! This is one of the reasons that I have included this product in my list. I hope that you are impressed, and if still not, you should try it out.

Finally, you get a very good deal at a very good price. What else could one ask for?

Highlighted Features
  • High-quality disposable penlights
  • Disposable yet last for longer
  • Easy carrying owing to the construction
  • Pupil gauge printed over the body

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6. Aokin Medical Penlights for Doctors and Nurses

Compatibility: B+
Convenience: B+
Lifetime: B+
Effectiveness: Medium

Aokin Medical Flashlight Pen Lights

Aokin Pen Lights

Moving on, Aokin Medical Penlight is the next product. There are certain special features like all the good penlights that I would like to discuss here.

Firstly, the design; that consists of an aluminum body with a push-button (providing good control) and a size that is great to handle and carry along with the job.

While looking for the best nurse penlight, you search for a lot of other relevant features alongside the design. Those may include the quality of light, the power consumption, and much more.

This product that is a reusable pen gives you that good quality light, thus making the appearance well during the examination. So, you come up with good results!

The power consumption is 2 AAA batteries that are easily available and last for longer. This pen is a beautiful, comfortable and handy option when you are looking for a medium-quality product for your job.

If this is what you need, then don’t delay further and go for this device.

Highlighted Features
  • Good range of compatibility
  • Pupil gauge and ruler included for your guidance
  • Sturdy construction owing to aluminum
  • Aesthetic and convenient design

7. MEUUT Pen Light and Medical Shears

Compatibility: B+
Convenience: A
Lifetime: A
Effectiveness: High

Nursing scissors and penlight

Scissors And Penlight

Next on, MEUUT Penlight comes with white and warm light to enhance the scope of usage. This penlight can be used for many medical jobs like first aid purposes, nurses, doctors, and TMT trauma. Thus, allow you to examine the eye, ears, throat, etc.

The design is sturdy, and the product is robust, and, resultingly, you get the proper equipment to examine the subject. Moreover, they have included a shear scissor with it that has impressed me a lot.

The shear scissor with a blunt edge is pretty useful in cutting the clothes of an injured person. The quality of the scissor is also up to the mark, and hence, no worries regarding that as well.

To ensure high-quality nurse penlight for your job, the LED light, material, and similar factors are taken care of in its construction.

The operating of this device is also very easy and convenient, and along with that, the high portability allows good handling as well.

So, this product includes two important things that a nurse should have while on duty, and trust me, they both are of good quality.

Finally, if you are in pursuit of such kind of package, then this is the right choice, and the sifted one too.

Highlighted Features
  • Includes blunt scissors as well
  • Sturdy and robust design
  • Convenient to use owing to the design
  • Multi-purpose penlight staying within the medical applications

8. PENLIGHTPRO Medical Penlights

Compatibility: B+
Convenience: A
Lifetime: B+
Effectiveness: Medium

PENLIGHTPRO 2 Set Medical Pen


Looking for a professional-grade diagnostic tool? PENIGHTPRO Medical Penlight is a great option. Check it out!
This product is a great choice when you cannot afford to wait for the right equipment for the diagnosis. It has the pupil gauge and a ruler chart printed on it.

Also, if you are someone who works in the emergency section of the hospital, then this is one of the instant solutions that help during quick diagnosis. This makes it an efficient Nurse Penlight.

“Confidence is the key” is a famous quote. Your confident work is realized if you are confident in your tools. Just like that, a great nurse penlight makes it worthy of working confidently. In the form of this product, you will find out your real confidence in your signature style.

Adding more to it, the aluminum involved in the construction makes it an ideal and durable penlight, and thus, it lasts for longer as well at the same time. The pocket clip is for clamping purposes.

So, power it with your batteries (included) and get ready to have a next-level experience.

Highlighted Features
  • Great design, sturdy construction
  • The aluminum body makes it durable
  • Good for emergency purposes
  • Good medical applications as well

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9. Rainbow Color Disposable Pen Lights

Compatibility: B
Convenience: A
Lifetime: C
Effectiveness: Medium

6 Disposable Penlights For ENT Emergency Medical

Rainbow Color Penlights

Here comes another disposable deal for you. Looking for disposable nurse penlights? Well, if you like colors, then this product should grab your attention, or I would say that you pay attention to it.

Coming for many medical purposes and especially for disposable purposes, these penlights are an ideal option at a reasonable price.

The carrying is easy in the case of this product as well. These lightweight penlights are always ready to serve you, depending on the job. Otherwise, you can carry it in your pocket with its clip clamped on.

Like all the great products, there is a pupil gauge printed over them to help you get to know about the pupil behavior of the patient. The pre-focused pinpoint lens helps indirectly illuminating the eyes, ears, and throat for examination.

The intelligent move is the new concave design for this product. What’s good about it is the safety when it drops. The concave design saves the LED from breaking, which is a very good aspect.

So, if you are at home or hospital, this is a great tool to get help when the need arises. Like keeping it in your first aid kit would be a good decision. On the other hand, keeping it in your pocket while on duty in hospital is also an efficient move.

So, buy it and keep it in your pocket so that during an emergency, you don’t have to look for penlights here and there!

Highlighted Features
  • A great colorful set of disposables
  • Reduce breaking due to concave design
  • Reasonable price and value for the money

10. Premium Penlights for Nurses

Compatibility: B
Convenience: A
Lifetime: A
Effectiveness: Medium

USB Rechargeable Nursing Penlight

Premium Pen Lights

This is an interesting product and my favorite one due to many reasons. The first and foremost to tell you is the USB rechargeable feature. Isn’t it smart to keep a smart device that smartly charges, and also, you won’t be using more and more batteries?

This device is made for nurses for some specific diagnosis. These rechargeable nurse penlights are not for eye diagnosis because they might damage the eyes. They should be used in case of ears, nose, and throat, and believe me; they will serve very well there.

Once charged, you do not have to worry about the battery for the next 2 to 3 hours. The more interesting part is its stainless-steel body making it solid and robust at the same time.

Hence, going for this device means having a superior quality penlight in your pocket.

Now, you might be thinking that those many features would be making it a very expensive choice. But surprisingly, this product is highly cost-effective as well. Thus, you get true value for the money.

If you need a good quality penlight for purposes other than eye examination, then this is your product. Getting out of the mess of primary batteries is also a concern for many people. Thus, it becomes a convenient choice there.

Highlighted Features
  • Rechargeable option for long-lasting use
  • Premium quality construction owing to stainless-steel
  • Cost-effective option
  • Good medical applications

11. Nursing Penlight with Pupil Gauge Set

Compatibility: B+
Convenience: B+
Lifetime: B+
Effectiveness: Medium

Interchangeable LED Bulbs Penlights

Interchangeable Nursing Pen Torch

Last but not least, a nursing penlight with a pupil gauge is a stylish choice for your job. The aluminum design makes it durable and sturdy at the same time. Thus, you can achieve long-lasting services using these penlights.
To top that off, the interchangeable bulbs feature is highly helpful when you have different jobs to examine.

Like when the diagnosis of throat, ear, and nose are concerned, you can use the white light that is not good for the eye.

But when you have to examine the pupil, the warm light can be engaged that is good for pupil examination.

It is a one-time buy product, unlike the disposable ones. That means you have to just replace the batteries when they die and the rest of the device will serve you endlessly owing to the good life of the LED.

This product also holds very good user feedback that confirms its reliability. So, if it has all that you need, then go for it as it will turn out to be a great choice.

Lastly, it also has the pupil gauge and scale on it to help you in the diagnosis. Let’s look at the pros as well.

Highlighted Features
  • Great design to add to your style
  • Two lights with interchangeability
  • Highly durable owing to the material
  • Reusable product

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What to look for when buying the best nurse penlight

How to buy penlight for nursing

Buying Suggestion

There are certain aspects to make sure about before making the final call, and this section is dedicated to them. Especially if you are a beginner, then going through these aspects will surely help you find the right product and increase your knowledge about the product as well.

Reusable or Disposable

One of the main factors to make sure about when going to buy a nurse penlight is it’s disposable or reusable. A disposable product is a short-timed or one-time usable product. Well, in some cases, you don’t need the reusable option that can be used for longer. Thus, you just buy a set of disposable penlights and dispose of them when used.

On the contrary, the reusable penlights have to have batteries in them that can be changed over time, and the penlight can be used till the life of the LED.

Rechargeable or not

Another important thing when you finally decide on a reusable option is whether the pen is rechargeable or not. There are various products available in the market, and most of them require primary batteries (usually AAA) while others are rechargeable devices.

You should be clear in your thoughts about what you need. If you need a rechargeable device, then find the best one in that domain or otherwise go for the primary-source-based products.

White Light

Now let’s talk about the light as well. So, the LEDs and their use depend on the purpose that you need. Mostly white light is not for pupil but may other applications like throat, eye, and ear examination. You just have to make sure about what you need, and then you can choose the light as well.

Warm Light

on the other hand, this type is designed especially for pupil assessment and diagnosis. The pupil behavior is understood by the change of the light intensity. That can lead to a changing in the behavior of the pupil. So, the warm light for eyes and others for other examinations.


It is also important to notice, and I hinted about it previously as well. Staying within the limits of the medical applications or looking through a broader perspective matter. Because some devices go with other applications like repairing and torch purpose as well. Thus, you have to make sure about the compatibility of the product as well before making the final call.


Then comes the ergonomics that are related to the working of the device. Enhancing human efficiency with the product is a great landmark. An ergonomic design allows easy handling, operating, and much more. Thus, it is recommended that you go for an ergonomic penlight for your job.


I always mention this aspect to emphasize the importance of the cost factor when you go to buying something. Make sure that you get an ideal product at an affordable price. Also, make sure that you get the product of your choice at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Nurse Penlights

Here I have added some frequently asked questions to demystify it further.

1. What is the best penlight for nurses?

I would say that my first choice (CAVN) is the most convenient in case of the best penlight for nurses.

2. What is a penlight used for in nursing?

A penlight is used to examine. The examination can be throat examination, ear, nose, or pupil examination. Thus, quick assessment of the patient becomes easier using these.

3. What is the brightest penlight?

Many brands can offer the brightest penlight, but as I have seen, Streamlight gives you the brightest penlight. But I think it doesn’t matter and depends on the purpose mainly.

4. What is a pen torch?

A small flashlight in the form of a pen is called a pen torch. The light source inside can be an LED, and the purpose can vary broadly as well.

5. How do you use a pen torch?

If you have to examine a person’s eye, you shine the pen torch towards the person’s eye, keeping sure about the parameters. The main parameters say that you should keep the pen torch and the eye in the same plane. This will help to achieve good results.

6. Can we use LED lights to check pupils?

Why not? Many of the penlights include LED as a source within them. Also, LED is a good light source with a fair enough brightness. Thus, it can be used to check the pupils.

7. How to use a medical penlight?

The medical penlight is used to examine the eye (pupil), throat, nose, and ears. Thus, a medical penlight is simply turned on using the push-button and directed to the subject. Thus, observation is made depending on the situation.

8. What does disposable mean?

It means that once used; it can be disposed of. Like if you are using disposable nurse penlights, you can not use them for longer rather, they have a limited life.

9. How to check angles with penlight?

By keeping the light next to the temporal side of the eye and keeping the beam parallel to the iris, and shining it across the anterior chamber. We can check the angle and make the correct assumption.

10. What is the difference between disposable and rechargeable?

Disposable means once dead, not usable and thus disposed of. But rechargeable contains a secondary source that can be recharged again and again depending on the purpose. Rechargeable penlights are a great option if you don’t want to change the batteries again and again.

Wrapping Up

I have tried to put all that is necessary with the best possible picks available in the market. Now it is up to you to find the product of your desire. I recommend you settle for what your heart settles for. You should be comfortable with your choice, and that’s it.

If you liked our products and have something to say, then do mention that in the comment section below. I wish you good luck in the purchasing phase!

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