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Best Wedge Sneakers, Shoes and Sandals – The Ultimate Guide

Heels and clogs add a style quotient, which is rarely matched. However, all is not well with the heels. There are many problems that heels present which even the ardent fan of them would agree.

In the first place, heels are not the most comfortable ones to wear and walk around. While it does take a lot of practice to get used to them, chances are that they would still make you end up in some uncomfortable situations like tripping over or spraining the ankle. Even if you learn to maintain posture and balance with the heels, there are very high chances of developing longer term problems like back sprain, pain in ankles and calves etc.

A switch to flats might not always be the better solution since there are many females out there who look out for the extra inches of height the heel offers.

Wedges – a better choice over heels

Wedges offer a better option for someone which would provide the better of both the worlds. i.e the comfort of flats and the height & style of the heels. Wedges are footwear wherein a single platform is used as a sole, extending from the heel to the toes.

Shifting to wedges is a choice which offers lots of benefits – comfort, style, choice etc.

– Wedges provide a wider platform at the sole which helps in having more balance when compared to the heels. This reduces the chances of tripping and makes it comfortable to walk on most of the surfaces.

–  Heels tend to cause strain in the ankles which over a period of time could develop problems in the spine and back. The flat base at the heel would help to avert this problem.

–  You are never short of choice with the wedges. The flexibility of design that wedge soles offer has created a wide range of best wedge shoes that are suitable for different occasions.

Low wedge, platforms, ankle strap, closed toe, T strap are few of the most common styles available in wedges. So, whether you are looking out for shoes to suit your formalwear or want a pair to add on to the casual look, wedges offer an option which perfectly suit your style.

There are many wedge shoes that are available in the market. We will take a look at 10 of the best wedge shoes that you can check out. The idea is to not only list the best wedges but also highlight the reasons that they are the best. We will also dwell into the ‘not so good’ aspects about them.

Here is a brief snapshot comparison of the top 10 wedges and what you can look out for in them.

Birkenstock Papillio Women's Gizeh Platform SandalBirkenstock Women’s Gizeh
(Best Overall)
SandalCorkCheck Price
Skechers Cali Women's RumblersSkechers Cali WomenSandalSyntheticCheck Price
Crocs Womens Huarache WedgeCrocs Huarache WedgeSandalSyntheticCheck Price
DREAM PAIRS Womens Angeline WedgeDREAM PAIRS AngelineSandalSyntheticCheck Price
Clarks Womens Lexi Myrtle SandalClarks Lexi MyrtleSandalLeatherCheck Price
Jessica Simpson women's Cash WedgeJessica SimpsonShoeSyntheticCheck Price
TOM Womens Kala BootiesTOMs desert wedgeSneakerCanvasCheck Price
Bernie Mev Womens Gem WedgeBernie Mev GemShoeTextile ElasticCheck Price
Keen Womens kaci Slide w-SandalKEEN Women’s kaciSneakerLeatherCheck Price
Wishcotton Light Breathable SlippersWish cotton LightShoeCottonCheck Price

5 of the best options in Wedge Shoes/Sneakers – Review in 2021

Some women do not prefer wedge sandals and opt for sneakers or shoes to team up their looks. Here is the list of the five best wedge shoes/sneakers to up your style game, along with providing comfort at an utmost level.

1. Jessica Simpson Women’s Cash Wedge Pump (For stylish look)

Jessica Simpson cash wedges for stylish look
Jessica Simpson

Opting for wedges is getting the best of two worlds – style and comfort.  Jessica Simpson has been known to craft few of the most stylish foot wear. This wedge pump from Jessica Simpson scores high on the style quotient. It comes in a closed toe pump design with a higher heel of nearly 3.25 inches. The sole is made of synthetic material and therefore can be used across various surfaces. The memory foam mid sole provides cushioning for extra comfort.

The closed design makes it a bit narrower, however selecting the next size of your regular fit would allow your feet to fit in snug inside the shoe.

The comfort for the feet and the style of high heels make these wedge pumps form Jessica Simpson one of the best wedge heels options currently available.

Stylish outlook

These wedge pumps are all about style. The pump design coupled with high heels provides an elegant look. These can be worn along with your formal wear , evening wear for parties or matchup up with a simple pair of jeans. They are available in multiple colours.

You can opt for more neutral colours to be compatible for most of the dress and occasions or lighten it up a bit by choosing bold colours like Red, Maroune or Navy blue.

Good wear for all occasions

These wedge shoes are designed for all the occasions. The closed pump design makes it ideal for both formal wear as well as party wear. You can match up any of the available colours like the various shades of blacks, almonds etc for a professional look. The encased design makes the calf and the feet look great and can be paired up with a pair of shorts or a dress.


  • High heel stylish design
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Single piece sole for less stress on the ankles.


  • Narrower than the regular fit.
  • Can be uncomfortable when worn for a long time.

Bottom line :

This is one of the “ one shoe fits all “ type of wedge pumps. The design and the style is such that it would go well for both casual as well as formal wear. Although it can be a struggle in the staring, eventually once its adjusted offers great comfort for regular use. This is one of the best Wedge pumps available.

2. TOMs wedge sneakers for women (Best casual look wedges)

best casual look wedges
TOMs Booties

Sneakers provide an all-round comfort for the feet. TOMs is a brand that is well known in making comfortable and stylish boots. The desert wedge sneakers offer simple but stylish option for casual wear. These wedges come in a variety of colours and heel styles to choose from.

The shoes are made up of canvas and synthetic material. The sole is 100 percent rubber and is sturdy enough for regular wear. The wide platform supports the feet’s arch and distributes the pressure across the feet. The height of the platform is only o.25”, which keeps a relatively flat design from the front to the heel portion of the shoes.

The overall covered design of the sneakers secure the foot inside them comfortably with very less scope of any slipups.

Casual look

Wedges are known for casual everyday wear and this sneaker from TOMs perfectly fits into that category. Team it up with a pair of shorts or jeans with a casual shirt or a T shirt on it, and your casual and comfortable look is complete.

They come in wide range of colours which can complement well with almost all the types of casual clothing. You can carry them everywhere and across various surfaces with little worry about their durability.

High on comfort

The sneakers provide complete protection around the feet. The base of the sneakers is wide and allows for free breathing of the feet within the shoes. The feet are well cushioned up inside preventing any additional stress due to continued usage. The feet are cosily secured up inside the overlapping design which prevents any slip ups. Ticking of most of the features for comfortable wear, it is considered to be one of the best comfortable wedge shoes options that are available.


  • Comfortable design.
  • Rubber sole for higher grip across surfaces.
  • All round protection for the feet


  • Suitable for casual wear and cannot be matched up with formal or party attire.

Bottom line:

These shoes are the typical casual wear. They would suit well for most of the casual dresses. You can team it up with jeans, shorts or skirts. The sole is highly durable and is a good option for anyone who is looking at doing a lot of walking and want to minimize the stress on the foot.

3. Bernie Mev Women’s Gem Wedge Pump (For comfort and unique style)

Bernie Mev women's wedge for unique style
Bernie Mev

Pump Designed wedges are a good option which not only provide you with comfort but also add on style to the casual attire.

The Gem wedge pump from Bernie Mev offers great comfort to wear around regularly. The  unique oven elastic which covers the surface of the wedge shoe offers style which is not seen in most of the shoes. The sole is made of synthetic material and blends well with the overall look of the shoe.

The inside of the sole is made of memory foam which provides for a cushy interior for the feet to comfortably rest in them.

Unique look

What sets apart this wedge pump is the unique exterior. The shoe is made of woven elastic textile which offers a unique look to the shoe. It can be comfortably matched up with any of the casual wear like shorts, skirts or jeans.

The wedge shoe is also available in multiple colours and design patterns which adds onto its peppy look. The woven textile elastic is strong and durable and can be used as part of the regular wear. While it is an out and out casual wear, you can try mixing up few of the colours with evening party wear depending on the dress.

All side comfort

These shoes provide comfort from all the sides. The elastic textile which covers the upper part of the shoe encases the whole feet and protects it. The inner sole is made of memory foam which provides extra layered cushion support for the feet so that it does not feel the pressure of the body weight. It also secures the feet from any shocks.

The platform measures one inch in its height and is a flat surface, which allows the distribution of the weight across the feet. The polyurethane synthetic sole is sturdy and can be used on most of the surfaces.


  • Unique look with woven elastic
  • Cushioned innersole for support
  • Flat surface to distribute the pressure.


  • Not preferable for formal wear
  • Cannot be used in wet conditions

Bottom line :

The shoe is a great comfort option to wear on a regular basis. It blends well with most of the casual clothing and provides a stylish edge with the woven elastic fabric.

4. KEEN Women’s Kaci Slide-w Sandal (For casual look)

KEEN wedge sandal for casual look
Keen Women’s Kaci Slide

Keen is popular in creating comfortable and unique design foot wear. The Kaci Slide-w sandal is an example of a good wedge shoe blending in comfort with style.

The upper part of the shoe is made up of leather and the sole is a rubberized sole offering great comfort for daily usage. This makes this model from Keen one of the best wedges for walking and regular usage.

The leather makes it a unique design among the different wedge shoes. The leather lining is designed such that it allows breathing and allows air circulation. Therefore even though the show is a closed one, the feet do not get suffocated with ample air flow.

These shoes are available in four different colours.

Casual look with all the comfort

The wedge shoes are well suited to be worn as a casual wear. You can team it up with your regular day to day dressing. The rubber sole is quiet durable and endures the wear and tear of regular usage very effectively. The leather ensures strength to the shoe to undergo all the conditions. This further offers all round protection to the feet. The toe area is quiet spacious. These shoes basically being slip-ons, are easy to get into as well as remove.


  • Total protection for the feet
  • Wider at the toes
  • Rubber grip for longer durability


  • It is casual look

Bottom line :

These shoes are a wonderful option as a causal day to day wear. If you plan upon using the shoes daily and want an all-round protection for your feet, the kaci-Slide w sandal from Keen is one of the better options.

5. Wishcotton women’s Light Breathable Slippers (For everyday use)

Wishcotton light breathable for everyday use
Wishcotton Light Breathable

These light weight wedge shoes are designed for daily comfort use. These can be worn within the house as you get along with your house hold chores. They are also stylish and durable for outdoor purpose. Pair them up with any of your causal wear for an anytime casual look.

The cotton material and the inside lining allows the feet to breathe comfortably. The interior counters of the shoe are designed keeping in mind the shape of the feet. The feet would snugly fit into the shoe and the cushioning inside will cause less stress on the feet.

Light on feet

The shoes are made of light weight cotton and have a rubberized sole, making the shoes ultra-light. They are easy on the feet and can be worn for longer duration without any pressure on the feet.

Shaped contours

The inside of the shoe is made up of memory foam and its contoured design helps the feet to fit-in easily. The padded cushion provides extra comfort and absorbs any pressure on the feet.

Durable Sole

The sole is rubberized and is designed to fit both the indoor as well as the outdoor usage. The sole offers more traction and mitigates skidding.


  • Breathable design
  • Contoured interiors made of memory foam for comfort.
  • Durable and all-surface sole.
  • Machine washable


  • There are instances of sole breaking up

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a casual pair of wedges that can be worn comfortably for longer periods, this is one of the best options to go for. With its high quality and durable sole, you can wear these stylish wedges on-the-go paired up with your favorite pair of jeans.

5 Best Wedge Sandals 2021 – Review

Sandals are one of the most common types of footwear worn. Wedge sandals are available in many designs and for various purposes. We have reviewed a wide variety of  wedge sandals and have come up with a list of options which we consider to be the best. Different criteria like style, design, durability, comfort etc were considered while reviewing

1. Birkenstock Women’s Gizeh Thong Sandals (For comfortable walking)

Birkenstock Papillio Sandal For comfortable walking
Birkenstock Papillio Women’s Sandal

These sandals are designed for your regular day to day use. With the sole platform of ½ inch in height and the foot bed made of cork, the sandal provides comfort and less strain even after long use. The simplistic design provides for flexibility, ease of use and comfort. This could be listed as one of the best comfortable wedge sandals.

Natural design

The foot bed of the sandal is made up of cork and is designed to resemble the natural shape of the feet, thereby providing a comfortable walking experience. The countered shape provides casing for the foot. The open toe design provides freedom for the toe and aids in maintaining the balance. The toe bar is raised a bit which allows for natural gripping.

The heel part of the shoe is cupped to allow the heel bone to fit in snugly. This reduces the strain on the heel bone and the ankle.

The foot bed is lined with suede material which keeps the feet dry and comfortable.

The overall shape of the sandals enables equal distribution of the body weight across the sandal, removing any risks of pressure points.

Flexible and durable Sole

The sole of the sandals is made of synthetic material. This is flexible, light weight and durable. The synthetic sole consists of two jute fiber layers. One layer provides the strength to the sole and the other layer removes away any moisture making the sole to last long.

Another advantage of the sole is that can be repaired and replaced if needed. So, there would not be any need to buy a new pair of sandals but simple replacement of the sole would do the trick.


  • Countered foot bed
  • High quality leather
  • Simplistic buckle design for easy fastening.
  • Highly durable and easily repairable.


  • Cannot be used in wet and moist conditions

Bottom line:

The countered foot bed is a great benefit of the sandal. It helps to have less stress on the feet. If you are looking for having great value in return for the money, this is one of the better options to have. The simple design, easy maintenance and higher durability make it a preferable wedge shoe to own.

2. Skechers Cali Women’s Wedge Sandal (For a stylish and comfortable wear)

Skechers Cali Rumbler for stylish and comfortable wear
Skechers Cali Rumbler

Since more than two decades Skechers are known in developing stylish and trendy footwear. This sandal lives up to the name with its stylish design. However, it is not just about the style but also the comfort it provides which makes this one of the best comfortable wedges.

Made of 100 % synthetic material, the wedges are available in multiple colours that are compatible with most of the dresses and nearly all the occasions. These are comfortable enough to be used on regular basis as well as stylish and suited for special occasions. The slip-on design makes it comfortable to wear and leave the sandals without much effort.

With the right fit and the straps, the feet can be perfectly secured and does not slip up.

Comfortable wear

The sole of these wedge sandals are made up of synthetic memory foam. This provides an extra cushioned comfort for the feet. The platform is 0.75 inches high which provides a wider base for the feet. The burden of the body weight is distributed across the feet reducing any stress in a specific area.

The design is an open design at the front which provides a free movement for the toe. People suffering from flat feet and other chronic problems can find these sandals comfortable for regular use.

The open design allows free flow of air and also is less restricted.

Stylish design

The height of the heel is 2.5 inches , adding to a sophisticated look for formal as well as party wear. The crisscross straps add to the elegance of design. The straps are available in multiple colours providing a variety of choice. The platform 0.75 inches tapers off finely from the heel.


  • Extra padding in the soles for comfort.
  • Low flat platform for less stress.
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Synthetic material and can be used in wet conditions.


  • Sweat absorbent insoles which make the sandals smelly after period of time.
  • Straps tend to be loose.

Bottom line:

These sandals offer the best of both comfort as well as style. The higher heel adds style whereas features like additional padding in the soles and flat platform etc provide comfortable features.

These are a preferred choice to have if you are looking out for having stylish foot wear which is also conscious of providing comfort.

3. Crocs Women’s Huarache Wedge (For elegant and stylish look)

Wedge For elegant and stylish look
Crocs Women’s Huarache

The elegant crisscross strap design of this wedge sandal from Crocs offers high style quotients. The multi coloured straps are ideally suited for the bright summer wear. The wedge sandals are made of all synthetic material. It has an open design which frees  up the front part of the feet offering more space and free air for the toes. The crisscross design offers ample air circulation which keeps the feet fresh at all the times. The adjustable strap at the back helps to secure the feet and reduces the scope of the sandals slipping up from the feet.

The straps are transparent and available in multi colours. The heel of the sandal is 3.25 inches and the platform is one inch in height. The Croslite footbed offers comfort to the feet.

Elegance in design

The overall design of the sandals is elegant and sophisticated. The heels at 3.25 inches perfectly syncs in with the platform at one inch, creating a design which is not only stylish but also comfortably distributes the pressure across the feet.

The crisscross design of the straps at the front is made of transparent multi-colour straps. These straps lend a peppy and stylish look to the sandals. You can pair it up with shorts, floral prints or whites to complete a summer themed look. The bright colours make it an ideal candidate for being one of the best summer wedges.

No Slipups

The slips ups come with an adjustable ankle strap to fasten up the sandals to feet. This secures the sandals and you can move around freely without worrying that the sandals would slip. The strap is adjustable and one can tighten up the strap to allow free movement as well as restrict any slips of the sandals.


  • Stylish straps available in multiple colors.
  • Cushioned insoles for comfortable wear.
  • Adjustable plan for securing the feet.
  • Provides arch support


  • The front part of the sandal is on the narrower end.
  • The rubber used in the sole is unstable and can impact balance in walking.

Bottom line:

These sandals are one of the most elegant looking ones in the world of wedge footwear. The crisscross design adds to the flair and they can be used not only used for casual wear but can also be teamed up with formal dresses. The front part of it can seem to be bit narrow but can be overcome by taking a size higher. Overall a stylish option to flaunt around and also stay comfortable.

4. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Angeline Wedges Sandal (For a stylish and comfortable look)

DREAM PAIRS best wedges for work

Style quotient – checked, Comfort – checked, Security – checked , this is one of the sandals which checks out nearly all the aspects that one looks out for in sandals. There are multiple aspects to these sandals which makes them on of the best wedges for women.

The complete material used in the make of the sandals is synthetic. The platform height is about one inch and has a wider base allowing the distribution of the stress caused on the front part of the foot. The heel is on the steeper end with more than 4 inches but is well supported with a wide base and neatly integrated into the rest of the feet platform. The shoes come in multiple colours including both bold as well as neutral colours.

Wedges with the looks

High heels are preferred for the sophistication and style they lend to the overall look. The drawback being the impact they lend on the feet. This Angeline wedges sandal provides the sophistication expected out of a high heel sandal with the comfort provided by a wedge design.

The heel is more than 4 inches tall and the front part of the shoe has an open toe cut design ,making it an ideal candidate for formal wear or evening party wear. The comfort it provides allows it to be part of the regular formal wear, which also makes this pair one of the best wedges for work.

A wide variety of colours are available for these sandals including – black, gold, silver , champagne, silver, white etc.-

Secure and comfortable

The insoles have padding of latex making them extra comfortable to wear around all day. The soles are made up of TPR rubber which provides additional traction while moving around.

The design consists of an ankle strap which can be adjusted for the right fit and to secure the feet. It has a buckle closure which adds on to the security of the sandals.


  • High heeled sophisticated design.
  • Secure option with adjustable ankle strap.
  • Variety of patterns and colors.


  • The front part can be bit narrow for those with wide feet

Bottom line :

High on style factor, these Angeline wedges sandal are a perfect combination of style with comfort. If you are looking out for stylish options in wedges, these are one of the best options that are available.

5. Clarks Women’s Lexi Myrtle Sandal (For added comfort)

Clarks Sandal for added comfort
Clarks Lexi Myrtle Sandal

Clarks has been in the business of making shoes for more than 100 years especially catering to men. However, their line of footwear for women is also equally impressive by blending in their expertise and designing footwear that are comfortable to wear and stylish to look at.

Lexi Myrtle Sandal from Clarks is one of those foot wear which you simply slip into and go about your business. Using them for some period, one can vouch for them being one of the best wedge sandals for walking.

The sandals are flexible and can be easily bended providing the natural arch of the foot with comfort and no additional pressure. The soft cushioning of the foot bed and the flat spread out surface helps to spread out the weight of the body across the foot while walking. It is not just about the comfort but the detailing on the shoe and the design features that also provide for good looks.

The sandals are ideal for regular usage across various occasions.

Comfortable wear for longer durations

The shape of the sole is arched and is flexible which is in line with the natural arch of the feet. Slip them on and go on your daily chores without even feeling the pressure of wearing the sandals. The heel is around 2 inches and the platform is 0.75 inches, providing for a relatively flat surface for placing the foot.

The sole is shock absorbent and reduces the stress on the feet.

It has an open design which allows for free movement of the toes. The strappy leather front not only adds to the design but also helps to secure the foot in the sandals.

Simple but impressive look

The leather straps design at the front offer an elegant look to the sandals. Leather makes the feel of the sandal look premium. The floral applique and the beaded cluster on top the leather straps adds to the beauty of the sandals.

The finishing touch on the sandals is neat and matches with most of the dressing you wear – skirts, shorts, casual pants etc.


  • Flexible sole
  • Shock absorbent sole for less pressure
  • Integrated wedge design for supporting the natural arc


  • Not ideal for wet surfaces

Bottom Line:

The sandals score very high on the comfort factor. The sole which is angled as per the natural arch ensures that no additional effort is laid on the foot. It is a wonderful buy for anyone who is looking at having comfortable wedges for regular usage.

Selecting the best wedges

The wide choice of options available in wedges does create a problem of choice. Attempting to shortlist the best options in wedges is handful and we have relied on certain parameters to help us make the right choices.

Comfort is undoubtedly on top of the list. Every wedge which is shortlisted scores high on the comfort factor. We do also understand that comfort is not everything and have searched for options which are not only comfortable to wear but are also stylish.

One of the ideas of having wedges is to wear it for longer periods of time and for multiple purposes. Hence, durability and the material used to make the wedges was also given prime consideration for selecting the best wedges.

Before we go into the list of best wedge options and their reviews, let us look at the advantages that wedges offer in detail.

The wedge advantage

Wedges along with flats and heels/stilettos are the most popular styles in footwear. There are certain distinct advantages which they have when compared to the other two popular options.

Flats or the flip flops offer comfort and ease of wear when compared to wedges or the heels. However, wedges offer more advantage by not only including the comfort factor but also scoring on couple of other aspects than the flats.

a) Additional height:

Height is not an advantage everyone has. Many would prefer their shoes to add on few centimeters so that they can appear taller. Wedges provide the additional height required while also matching up to the comfort provided by flats.

b) Style:

Wedges offer more variety in style when compared to the flats. With the limitation of the sole and the design, there are not many styles which can be explored in the flats. Further, they are not suitable for all the occasions and the different styles of dressing.

On the other hand, Wedges provide a wide range of styles which would go well with any dressing that you wear, whether it is a formal wear or a casual one.

The style offered by heels/stilettos is one of the main reasons why most of the people tend to prefer them. There are various styles that are available which complement well with the different looks. However, there are many problems which are associated with heels.

Many of these problems are developed over a period of time with regular usage of heels. Apart from these side effects of sustained usage, there are many other challenges that the heels create even during the regular usage. Wedges address these issues which are typical to the heels, while also ensuring that the style quotient offered by the heels are also met.

There are several health-related issues that occur due to regular usage of high heels:

  • High heels lay a lot of stress on the ankle ball. The narrow space in the heels do not provide comfort to the ankle and this coupled with the arch lays additional stress on the ankle.
  • The difference of height between the heel and the rest of the foot has an impact on the lower back. Regular usage of high heels may result in developing lower back pain. This can further lead to a condition called as Foraminal stenosis.
  • Heels tend to make your body lean forward. This effect the natural curve of the spine.
  • The difference in the height of the heel and the front portion would make the foot to slide forward. This could result in traction with the front part of the shoe and result in bunions and corns. This is especially the case with high heels with a closed toe.
  • Heels also cause additional stress to the knees and calf muscles.

Wedges address most of these issues caused by heels and can mitigate the stress formed on different parts of the body.

  • The sole of the wedge designed shoes are made from one piece. The elevation at the heel tapers off gradually towards the front part of the shoe. This helps to maintain the regular arch of the feet, unlike a stiletto which has a steep arch.

This reduces the overall stress falling on the ankle.

  • In few of the best wedge sandals and shoes, additional cushion can be provided to provide additional padding for the ankle ball. In few close toe designs, padding is provided at the front part of the shoe offering additional protection to the toes.
  • The weight is distributed across the feet, thereby resulting in less stress on ankles, knees and calf muscles.

Apart from these features mitigating the health risks, there are other benefits which wedges offer in comparison to heels.

  • Comfort:

Wedges causes less strain to the feet than heels and therefore can be used regularly.

  • Convenient:

Wedges can be suited on almost all the surfaces. The materials like rubber and synthetic allow to have additional grip on the surface and make it a convenient option. The chances of tripping on high heels especially on a non-flat surface are very high than wedge soles. You really do not want to end up in a situation where you trip while moving around.

  • More secure:

The various styles of design that wedges offer add more security to your foot. There can be multiple fastening options that come along with wedges which will secure your feet. Further, few of the designs offered by the best wedge sneakers ensure that the foot is comfortably encased and is protected from all sides.

  • Style:

Heels tend to score high in the style factor. They offer multiple options for a formal wear, stylish wear etc. Wedges aren’t far behind. Many of the best wedge shoes and sandals will give a run for the money to most of the best high heel styles. There are many styles like – platforms, open toe, close toe, ankle strap etc in wedges which offer wider variety.

The wedges can be pulled off with most of the looks including formal wear, casual or party wear. They also go very well with jeans.

Before we go deeper into the details of each of the products, here are few things to keep in mind while buying a pair of wedges.

Buying the best wedges in 2021

The various designs that wedges offer make it all the more tough to freeze upon the right one. However, there are certain factors you can consider before finalizing on your choice. The comfort that wedges provide along with keeping the style quotient high is one of the reasons to prefer wedges over other famous designs.

1. Comfort:

Checking out the comfort factor is on top. If it wasn’t for the comfort, heels or stilettos would be a better option to go by. The height of the heel, width of the platform, strap or any other holding component etc are few of the things you need to look into, which would affect the comfort of walking in them.

Wedges with lower height and length at the ankle are more comfortable to walk on. You further have the option to choose a strap or a simple slip-on based on your comfort of use.

2. Occasion:

Wedges are generally considered as casual foot wear. Jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts etc would go well with them. The wide range of style options that are available in wedges can suit dressing on most of the occasions. If you are wearing heels, flat platforms could be a good option.

Matchup your casual jeans look with low heeled and less strap option. You can get the chic look of the stilettos for party/evening wear by opting for the wedges which have a higher heel.

By being careful with the material and design, you can also find wedges which are a good fit, even for professional formal wear.

3. Height:

The heels of the wedges are available in various heights. One can find the heels anywhere between 1 inch to 4 inches. The height of the heel would vary depending on the occasion you intend to use. One basic mantra that you can follow while selecting the height of the heel –‘the casual the look you intend, the lesser the height of the heel’.

For a casual look with shorts or skirts, you can opt for the size of the heel between 1-2 inches. A higher heel of around 4 inches would go well with a more professional formal dressing, or for an evening party look.

4. Design of the heels:

The purpose and the frequency you intend to wear the wedges would determine the choice of the design. If the idea is to get a pair of wedges which can be worn frequently on more number of occasions, a simple design with a neutral color would be a better option. These would be compatible with most of the dresses.

Few of the most popular designs includes – peep toes, closed pumped foot, Espadrilles etc.  In case the idea is to use them for a particular occasion, you can look at designs with bolder colors and flashier look.

5. Shape of the heel:

The shape of the heel should complement well with the body type, especially the size of your legs and ankles. Wearing slimmer heels on slimmer legs and chunkier heels on thick legs or ankles is an ideal option. Wearing chunky heels on slim legs will make the legs look slimmer. Whereas putting on slim fit heels on thick legs will not be proportionate and look odd.

6. Color of the heels:

Neutral colors would be ideally suited for most of the dresses and for most of the occasions. If you intend to pair up the wedges with a wide variety of outfits, go for neutral colors. You can try out bolder color options like red, yellow, orange etc for any occasions.

You can also look at pairing up a bright colored wedge shoes with a neutral dress. For example, bright red shoes would be brilliant with neutral white trousers or jeans.

7. Material of the sole:

Having a firm grip while walking is one of the criteria for preferring wedges over the heels. There are a variety of materials that are being used in the sole of a shoe. Opting for a sole made of rubber or synthetic material would make the wedges to last long and also have more traction on the surface.

FAQs about Wedges

Ques. What are the materials used in making wedges?
Ans. There is a wide range of materials used in making the wedges like any other type of foot wear. It largely depends on the style and purpose of the wedge shoes. Jute, cork, Leather, synthetic fibre, suede etc are few of the most used options.
Ques. Are they more comfortable than the heels?
Ans. Heels due to the nature of the design cause more stress on specific points of the feet like the help cap and the arch of the foot. This further leads to development of pain in the back. Comparatively wedges cause less stress on the foot and calves thereby are more comfortable to wear. Since heel is part of the whole sole, you tend to get more support.
Ques. Can they be used for formal wear?
Ans. Typically most of the wedges are used for regular casual wear. However, there are certain models like the wedge pumps and simple sandals that can be worn as part of the office wear. Actually they are a more preferred choice than the stilettos. Hence depending on the design and the type of dress being worn, there is a good range of wedge shoes to be worn as formals.
Ques. What are the most comfortable options in wedges?
Ans. Comfort is a matter of choice and preference. The elevated heels in the wedges are a preferred option than the regular heels. However heels in general are prone to cause problems, therefore higher elevated heels even in wedges design are not advisable in the long run. Boots in wedges offer a secured option but someone with wide feet might not find them to be comfortable.
Ques. Where can the wedges be worn?
Ans. Depending on the style, the wedges can be worn for multiple occasions. There are certain wedges which are suitable for casual wear and might not fit in for a formal look. There are others which can blend well with any type of dressing. Few of the wedges can be used in all weather types while few others can be used only in dry conditions.

Conclusion :

Wedges offer a great solution mixing up the style of heels and the comfort factor of the flats. They mitigate the disadvantages of both these types and offer the better features of both. Especially, wedges are a more comfortable option and help to mitigate the longer term health risks, which are otherwise caused due to the use of high heels. There are various designs that the wedges are available in which can be paired up with dresses which complement.

The list highlights the best wedge shoes that we felt to be the superior ones among others. Few of the factors considered were the comfort the shoes offer, the design, durability etc. There are can be other options available which the users would find more convenient. The list provides a fair understanding of what features to look out for when selecting the wedges. At the end of the day, the preference boils down to one’s own choice and what they feel to be comfortable option. Explore and find the best wedge sneakers/ sandals which you feel to be the best ones suited.

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