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Why do Nurse Wear Compression Socks – Benefits & Effects

People working in the nursing field, a big salute to you ‘cause we respect what you do. Kudos to you for taking care of us and our loved ones in crucial times of our lives.

That’s not the only reason why you deserve some ovation. We’re also grateful because despite being on your feet most of the time, you perform your tasks with full responsibility.

But tell me, what happens behind the curtain isn’t so pleasant, is it?

No matter how much willpower you bear within or how determined you are about nursing, at the end of the day, you’re a simple human being like everybody else with the same anatomical and physical functions. And because of that, you’re bound to feel pain sometimes.

why do nurses wear compression socks

Compression Socks

You’re bound to end up on your couch with sore and swollen legs when you’re done with your shift.

We get what you feel, and we’re here to help. How about reducing your pain with compression socks?

Why do you need compression socks

You might have already been advised the same by many other people or thought about it yourself in a while. But since you’re here, we’re assuming you’re not so sure about these socks, are you?

Why not? If compression socks and stuff can be used for medical conditions, you can use them too! You’ll be using them for a similar purpose anyway.

Compression socks are here to help, and you should be open to all their benefits.

You don’t have to blindly go with our words. Compare all the privileges and see for yourself!

Get Rid of Immense Pain

get rid of immense pain

Immense Pain

Yes, the pain, caused by standing all the time and running restless errands from one hall to another, is something that every nurse is bound to face at their job.

However, with compression socks, you can turn the table in no time. You’re here to nurse people, and compression socks are made to nurse you. Your feet can’t just take it no more? Start wearing these socks and be shocked by witnessing the result the next day.

Several factors work for your foot to feel the massive pain it does at work. Compression socks are stitched carefully keeping these said factors in consideration. The compression of these socks is enough to heal your feet issues.

Moreover, compression is a pretty old method used for relieving one from physical, external pain. It makes your muscle soothe, thus heal your immense pain.

Say Goodbye to Constant Soreness

Continuous blood circulation is mandatory for healthy functioning of human body. And this is why you need to move constantly.

benefits of wearing socks

Compression Socks Benefits

Now when you’re a nurse, this is not as easy as it’s said on the textbook page. Because of the duty, you have to stand on your feet for a large period of the day. Which is not healthy, but what can you do about that?

Nothing. Your legs will have to bear with the situation no matter what. Even though it’s a golden opportunity for the soreness to get the worst of your legs.

However, you can fight this problem easily with compression socks. Soreness is caused by irregularity in blood circulation, or when your veins are not getting enough oxygen; which is a result of not moving your legs in usual motion.

Compression socks make sure that veins are getting enough oxygen and enable healthy circulation of blood. With compression socks, there’s no chance for your legs to get sore that easy.

Less Swelling Than Before

compression socks are less swelling

Less Swelling Socks

Soreness might be an outcome of an internal issue, which is caused by the irregular motion of muscles. But does that excuse stand for swelling? No, it’s totally an external matter, and you being stood somewhere for a long while has nothing to do with it.

Yes, it’s completely the opposite, and rather more irritating. (You can say more painful as well)

Being a nurse is not a desk job of course, where you can spend some of your work time watching cat videos on YouTube. Nursing means real hustle, you gotta be on your feet all day and everywhere.

The doctor is calling, need to attend the ER, time to give that certain patient their medicine – one thing after another and they never seem to end. So, when does a nurse get time to rest their toes? Never.

However, toes have their limit too. And that’s the reason your legs get swollen; cause after a while, they just can’t take the pressure anymore. The shoes, restless movement from one place to another, result in some really bad tissue damaging.

Now, you can’t get rid of the problem altogether because it’s pretty conjoined with your unavoidable daily routine, but compression socks can ease the suffering a little.

Fibers of the sock form a protective layer around the tissues and keep them away from the contact of all the damaging attributes. So, those tissues tend to get less harmed with compression sock fabric surrounding them.

Your Legs Deserve Some Rest

nurses deserve some rest

Tired Nurse

You’re already aware of this fact. When you feel like breaking down in the middle of the duty, when you come home and feel immediate need of soaking those feet in lukewarm water, you feel how badly your legs deserve some rest.

But can you give them that? The shift next day indicates a totally different answer. You can’t.

No matter how hard it is, you’ll have to be on your feet all the time, doesn’t matter if you’re standing or walking. So, what about the break they deserve then?

Let your compression socks take care of it. They can’t bring out some extra time to give your legs rest, but they’ll certainly make your legs feel like they’re on a break.

Not Itchy at All

Itchy on legs

Itchy legs

What primarily causes irritation on the skin? That’s right, insufficient air circulation. The skin needs to breathe too (literally speaking) and it fails to happen when those pores are covered with a heavy layer of fabric.

When the fabric is wrapped so closely around the skin, it leaves no space for enough air circulation. Thus, the skin pores don’t get enough oxygen they were supposed to get externally, and filthy extract can’t get out either. Which results in itching.

Compression socks respect the breathing situation of your skin. This is exactly why they come aerated, with subtle pores on the fabric so that air can freely move in and out.

Spider Veins Won’t Be A Constant Problem Anymore

Have you watched the movie ‘The Exorcist’? You would remember what happened to that poor girl’s face after she was completely possessed, you don’t want your legs to share the same fate, do you?

Yikes! That thought is scary than a horror movie! Imagine walking in front of an attractive staff member with those legs!

spider veins problem

Spider Veins

We know, it feels horrible. But what can you do? With great responsibility of nursing, comes blue legs.

You keep walking and walking, your veins become tired, sometimes blood gives up on regular circulation, veins enlarge with clotted blood. Which results in the horrendous aftermath of your legs not getting some rest, also known as varicose veins or spider veins.

But, don’t you worry!

Compression socks at the rescue! These wonderful creations make sure that your veins stay the way they’re supposed to; not pooled with blood resulting in them becoming insanely large.

Varicose veins are obviously not gonna go away that easy. However, with compression socks, they won’t be an obvious everyday-case either.

Smelly Feet? What’s That?

smelly feet socks

Smelly Socks

People faint by the smell of a used sock or smelly foot in TV shows and movies for comedic effect, but we all know it’s not that comedic in real life. Especially when this becomes the primary reason for your irritation and embarrassment.

It’s no surprise that our socks are responsible for such an unpleasant issue; since they can be considered as one of the best habitable places for the microbe. However, this ‘fact’ is not applicable to your compression socks.

Compression socks include an anti-microbial agent that prevents microbe from infecting your feet. So, your feet don’t get smelly that often under compression socks.

You’re Not Going to Feel Sweaty

feel sweaty socks

Sweaty Socks

Sweat is another problem that’s bound to occur when you’re wearing socks, which is not nice but what can you do about it? Well, you can certainly switch your now socks with compression ones. Aerated fabric makes sure to soak up the sweat.

Your Socks, Your Choice

Another fantastic thing about compression socks is they work as a fine medium to project your mood. So many designs and colors to choose from! By wearing them, you can clearly compensate for the boring uniform you have to put up with all day long.

They’re Not Like Your Regular Socks

In the end, you can already understand that these socks are definitely nothing like your regular socks. Regular socks work to prevent your feet from getting dirty or provide with some thermal support, what else?

Compression socks are a lot more than just that. They take care of every possible leg problem you can face at work.

Nursing is a challenging job, and you gotta stand strong every second no matter what. In this scenario, let the compression socks take care of your legs and leave you some more time to focus on your work.

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